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t Watersport Center Bonaire you can find many fun activities from different tour operators. WhatSup Bonaire offers fun activities like snorkel tours, Snorkel lessons, E-Snorkeling, watersport, wakeboarding, towable rides, waterski, kneeboarding, tubing, family tours, active tours, activities for little kids and teenagers, when there is no wind that is no problem with WhatSup Bonaire we offer Paddle boarding, SUP & Kayak rental en lessons, quality Jobe paddle boards, 

Fun trips with our REVOLVE boat. Axopar x Jobe REVOLVE watersport boat. Beach vibes with salty tours on the water. with the best boat on Bonaire. REVOLVE boat. sea sickness is not a problem. view turtles and dolphins with our boat tours. banana boat ride is a towable ride. Epic tours Watertaxi to Klein Bonaire departs from Watersport Center Bonaire where there is easy parking right in front of the shop. Drift snorkeling is possible on the watertaxi and REVOLVE Boat. E-foil Bonaire offers E-foil lessons and tours with their pontoon boat. Super fun activities to join with the whole family. In the shop you find everything you need on Bonaire.: beachwear, rash guards, uv protection clothing, hats, watersport gear, sup, paddle board, kayaks, wakeboard, live jacket, vest, watersport vest, impact vest, dry bag, snorkel gear, watersproof car seat cover, sunscreen, diet, bottle, water bottle, insulated bottle, phone case, telefoon hoesje, waterproof phone cover, underwater camera, wine tumblers, snorkel gear, mask, hypersdry snorkel , full face mask, water schoenen, water shoe, dive book, dive t-shirt, billabong bonaire, salty crew, mystic, wetsuit, Jobe wetsuit, board shorts, towable, tube sunglasses, jewelry, souvenir, beach towel and much more. Melissa on the boat. Sailing is always fun with us. in Bonaire we have no sea cow to see E-snorkeling. compass is used to sail on the boat without nav. Bon Sea means pretty ocean. what kids and children tours are fun. top 10 activities from boat tours to snorkeling and watersport. sorrobon has pretty views. high quality and private tours. safe activities. 

Price list - Rental 2024 WSCB -dark.png
REVOLVE Boat tours

REVOLVE  Boat tours

Price list

Watersport with REVOLVE

Wakeboarding / waterski / kneeboard / Towable ride

1 hour                                        $ 195,-                        

+ additional hour                             + $175,-                      


Private Snorkel tour (at Klein Bonaire)

E-Snorkel upgrade is possible

3 hours                                       $ 450,-                           

+ E-snorkel upgrade                        + $25,-               per sea scooter                      

* Free E-Snorkel upgrade when just 2 people on boat

Private Half Day Boat Tour

Including activities

4 hours                                       $ 595,-                            


Private Coastal Cruise

Optional Snorkeling

2 hours                                       $ 300,-                            


Private Luxury Sunset Cruise

Incl. Bottle w bubbles, beer/wine & charcuterie platter

2,5 hours                                    $ 450,-              * private boat, max 6 people

+ additional person                          + $50,-                          

Other Tours

Other tours

Price list


1,5 hour.                             $75,-      Per person (small group, max 4 people) 

                                           $120,-    Private group

SUP Lesson 

1 Hour                               $45,-       Per person 

                                           $75,-      Private tour

SUP Sunday - Club session

1 Hour                               $25,-       Per person 

E-Foiling Lesson & Tour 

Private boat tour

1 person - 1 hour              $ 200,-        

2 persons - 1,5 hour          $ 250,-        

3 persons - 2 hours           $ 300,-        

4 persons - 2,5 hours        $ 360,-         *extra board recommended 

5 persons - 3 hours           $ 400,-         *extra board recommended

+extra board                           + $100,-             Add on 

+extra hour                             + $100,-             Add on 

Watertaxi to Klein Bonaire

Departure time: 

9:30 / 11:30                                                  (9:30 optional drift snorkel)  ​

Return times:

12:30 / 14:30 / 16:30

to Klein Bonaire                 $25,-        Round trip, price per person

to Town                               $15,-       Round trip, price pp

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